I’m putting on my gloves, I’m putting on my mask, I’ll tell you where I’m going If you really have to ask

I’m going shopping, I’m going shopping

Tension in the air, No jet planes in the sky, I’m feeling pretty shifty Don’t look me in the eye

I’m going shopping, I’m going shopping

Stalking the aisles, Making my selection, Keeping my distance In the fruit n veg section

What are you doing? What can’t you see?

You’re not supposed to stand That close to me, So don’t stand so Don’t stand so close to me

Because im shopping, Yes, I’m shopping

Now I’m waddling home Feeling such relief, I’m weighed down like a donkey And i look like a thief

Arriving like a pilgrim, From a distant land, STOP! Nobody touch me Until I’ve washed my hands

Because I’ve been shopping, I’ve been shopping.

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