Book-buyer,, bike-rider and lover of all the little things in life. This blog is to log my life as it goes, with every hiccup that arises and gains that give. It is here is I aim to document the comings and goings of my youth, though it be not very exciting albeit. From (attempted) book reviews, days outs that I deem worth documenting  and the simple spewing of my thoughts across the screen.

I’ live in Oxford and am studying in my third year of University doing English Lit and Creative Writing, so the blog is more of a hobby to help with the stress and anguish the assignments and being a young and ‘responsible’ adult both surface. I’m keen to go into publication (the dream would be to work for a brand like Oh Comely or National Geographic).  I also want to travel, learn another language, play an instrument and pass my driving test at some point.

I hope you find delight in delving down into the depths of  my brain as I attempt to be as witty and interesting as possible to please you all.

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