I spent the last view days in Folkestone with my best friend for a much needed bit of R&R. Sadly, the week passed much too quickly and I’m finding myself missing the hypnotic sound of the waves in the background and the warmth of the sun kissing my face as I look out across The Channel. Despite it having been the hottest day of the year so far on Tuesday I have come back with no more colour to my pasty, white skin than when I left; Saffron however turned a lovely shade of brown. *insert green-eyed emoji*

BeFunky Collage.jpgWe visited Canterbury  Cathedral which was captivatingly beautiful and full of exciting history about Thomas Beckett (can you tell I’m the daughter of a history teacher?) I think it is safe to say that I fell head-over-heals for Canterbury, thouroughly regretting to not look at it for a option for UNI. There were an abundance of small cafes, independent shops and small side streets that lead here, there and everywhere. The place literally screamed “LAUREN, LIVE HERE!”

BeFunky Collage

If you know me, you know I’m a fan (perhaps a slight understatement?) of Alice In Wonderland and rather coincidentally there was a pop-up AIW afternoon tea shop on. Saff went for the ‘standard’ afternoon tea with what included what seemed like a life time supply of cakes that said ‘eat me’ on them and the CUTEST pot of tea I have ever laid eyes on. Is it sad that I even took the paper plate home with me just because it was so darn pretty? I opted for a combination of 2 cocktails that left me feeling rather dandy, despite it only having been 3 O’clock. I was on holiday so I think I can be excused right? Right.

We also walked the cliffs of Dover, something either of us have been eager to tick of our Bucket List for a little while now. It was difficult to say the least, last minute building works making us have to take unexpected detours (thank GOD for Google Maps), harsh winds and seriously steep climbs. Not to mention Saffron grew uneasy by the mere metres we were walking from the cliffs edge, despite signs saying ‘DANGER OF EROSION.’ Nonetheless, the view from the top was so rewarding and defiantly worth the gallons of sweat produced, funky looking do’s and sore thighs afterwards.

I miss the tranquillity of the seaside, the smell of the salty water lingering in the air, the rush of adrenaline that coursed through my body from the biting cold water brushing over my feet. I miss Saffron’s BABE of a Grandma who let us stay with her and taught me how to play Wizard. I miss the quirky café on Steep Street that we went in every day because we fell in love with the charm of the place and the strawberry smoothies. I miss the cobbled and uneven streets. I miss reading my book whilst sipping on my tea at the crack of dawn on the porch. I miss the whole pace of life there, it’s a lot slower, a lot calmer. I miss spending so much time with one of the most treasured people in my life, sharing moments of both comfortable silence and spending hours on end talking about whatever.

Fortunately Saffron and I have agreed that we will return very shortly and now it’s just a case of nagging at her to agree a date with her grandma for us to return to what feels like a second home already.




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