Would you believe me if I told you how sorry I was? How it pains me to think I left you here to rot? How overwhelmed with guilt I am that I seize up every time I put fingers to keys? Well you should. Life has been busy lately and continues to be so, I can’t make any promises or commitments right now as that would be unfair on us both. Honestly, it’s not you it’s me. I’m just so busy and can’t make any commitments right now; I can’t afford to be tied down.

I needed to go and organise the discombobulated thoughts that circulated my brain and made me so dizzy I felt sick to my stomach. I needed to sort my shit out, clear my head, get my priorities in check which was focusing on getting through exams to get out of this small town full of small minded people who only let me dream small dreams. Whilst ‘my shit’ isn’t entirely sorted it IS better; manageable if you like and I think can cope with that.

Now I can’t tell you when exactly, but I vow not to be gone long this time. My head is drowning with inspiration and excitement it’s both suffocating and the most wonderful feeling you could imagine. This was just to let you know I’m alive, I realise I’ve betrayed you and abandoned you. However that was then and this is now and all I can do is beg for forgiveness and hope that you can take me back.

Yours, forever and always.


just a little reminder.