I’ve been feeling quite sorry for myself up until recently when I sat myself down, slapped the back of my wrist and I told myself to get a grip. I urgently needed start thinking more positively having developed in somewhat of a pessimist and just no fun to be around! Since then everyday I have counted five things on my fingers that I am happy about, be them big or small.


  1. Bobble bottle – After watching a documentary on how bad plastic bottled water is, not only for you but for the environment, I wanted to invest in a more sustainable solution. That is not to say that bottled water is as bad for you as a bottle of Coca Cola by any means, but still they aren’t great. This one has a filter at the top to help get rid of impurities, the quality feels top-notch and it encourages me to drink more water throughout the day; what’s not to love? 173228
  2. My new camera – Recently I got a new camera which I have been wanting for AGES s my final year of school comes to a close soon and I’m desperate to capture the last few precious moments I have with those in my life right now. Also, up until now I have been using my I-pod to capture all the photos for these blog posts which can sometimes leave me feeling dis-heartened as they aren’t the best quality; often I have avoided doing more interesting posts because of this. The camera itself if amazing, takes really good photos and videos, looks and feels great and has a fun flip-out screen. I’m no tech expert though so I’m not going to give an in-depth review but instead will just link you to one here.
  3. Maus – I’m currently reading Maus, a graphic novel based on The Holocaust using Cats and Mice as a metaphor. After reading numerous book for English Literature I fell into a slump, not wanting to read anything for the foreseeable future. That being said when I was ready to begin again after a little sabbatical I couldn’t find it in me, every cover seemed to glare at me judgementally, it all seemed overwhelming. I am hoping this graphic novel is going to help, it’s early days but I’m finding it incredibly interesting.
  4. Spring flowers – I was gifted my first bunch of spring-time flowers yesterday; pink tulips. Flowers the bloom around this time of year have always been my favourite! Bright yellow daffodils, beautiful blossom trees, colonies of tulips… it’s the simple things that make me smile you see.
  5. Exciting events – I’m going to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in London this weekend and I’m SO FREAKING EXCITED! Being a complete Roald Dahl NOOB, his ridiculous stories never failing to make me giggle and the memories of my dad reading me Fantastic Mr Fox  before bedtime when I was younger makes me feel fuzzy with nostalgia, (I say younger but he did this a few moths ago!)




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