Long time no speak; my sincere apologies. I confess, I have no excuse for my neglecting you apart from being stressed with revision for exams and at times overwhelmed with life.

My dog has conjunctivitis with green liquid coming out his nose (AN: he has been taken to the vets and is hopefully on the road to recovery with these magical £54 eye drops!) My granddad is also going back into hospital for another operation after finally beginning to recover from his operation in May to remove a cancerous tumour. Even though I think he’ll be OK the whole thing blows none-the-less. My brother has once again fled for university and that leaves me feeling like somewhat of an incomplete puzzle. I worry about him as his diet is diabolical, accommodation barely liveable and current bank balance minus one thousand pounds. Furthermore, some clever clogs decided it’d be a smashing idea to put exams after Christmas so I spent a significant proportion of the holiday procrastinating and preparing, procrastinating and preparing, procrastinating and preparing…

Anyway here I am, still standing (barely) and still smiling (just about!) Towards the end of 2015 I sat down and re-examined my resolutions for that year, giving myself a lil’ pat on the back for having completed all bar one. Last years resolutions were last years, I’m now ready to make new ones and start afresh as cliché as the whole ‘new year, new me’ thing is. I’m not really looking to change myself entirely, more like modify and alter slightly; rather than rebuild I wish to renovate; rather than buy brand new, simply some sewing and stitching will do. Can I put in any more obscurely? I think not…

  1. Revise and do well in my A-Levels so  I can get to university to study English Lit w/Creative Writing.
  2. Travel more. Not necessarily abroad but anywhere. Go away with friends camping in the middle of no-where, have a weekend in Rome or Paris, ride around London on a Boris bike. Just get out, meet people, see places, get experience.
  3. Spend less money on shit I don’t need. I have recently devised a ‘want’ list and promised myself I wont spend a penny on anything that isn’t on it. This is an attempt to not only save for next year but also try to become less materialistic.
  4. Buy less from chains and support more independent and local companies. Also shop at charity shops more for clothes after seeing a documentary about the truth behind sweat shops.
  5. Give back more. Do a coffee morning, bakes sales, give to food backs and shelters, help out in soup kitchens.
  6. Write. Write anything. Write letters to loved ones, write poems from the heart, write stories about adventures that I explore in my dreams.
  7. Spend less time on social media. If I want to talk to someone, see them, write to them or ring them before I think about sending them a message on Facebook or 140 characters on twitter.
  8. Treat myself better and by that I don’t mean buy myself a shed load of stuff, I mean simple things. Sleep more, put a face mask on every now and then, relax with a good book and just know that occasionally I am OK to give myself  little TLC.
I think that is about it as far a resolutions go. There will probably be things that prop up throughout the year that I will adopt or change and that is perfectly fine because whoever said that a new year has to be the only reason to turn a new corner and start a new chapter?
I leave you with some of most cherished memories from what was possibly the crappiest year of my life and as I do I throw my middle finger up to twenty-fifteen, praying that this year treats me better.

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