Strong, black, no sugar si vous plait.

My morning coffee plays a crucial part in my day-to-day functioning. Without this necessary fix first thing my inner Mr Hyde starts to intervene by around 10:ooam and I’m left incapable of acting seemingly human for the entirety of the day.

Being somewhat of a coffee enthusiast (AN: is this another phrase for coffee snob?), I have a rather unacceptable range of coffee from locations across the planet as well as several different brewing methods at my dispense to choose from each morning.

Instant is not one I often reach for and usually think of it as an ‘IN CASE OF EMERGENCY- OH NO! I’VE GOT TO LEAVE THE HOUSE IN 15 MINUTES AND I LOOK LIKE SHREK’ option. Saying this, I’m forced to admit to liking not completely hating this ‘Kenco Millicano’ and with its smooth and ‘full-bodied’ flavour, is my quick fix friend always there to catch me when I fall.


French Press is one of my favourite ways to brew my cup of goodness. This is partially as you end up with a clean, crisp flavoured cup that isn’t overwhelmingly bitter to the point where your face screws up tightly in response to the first sip. Also, the process of making the coffee itself is a therapeutic experience to a degree. Thecafetiere-method grinding of the beans, the boiling of the water, the soaking of the coffee prior to filling the entire cafeteria topped off with the actual brewing phase before you push down; all in all the experience can take up to 10-15 minutes and by this time your cup if a perfectly drinkable temperature. This time frame allows me a few minutes of reflection and mental organisation as I embark upon a new day.

The AeroPress  is my best pal. Yielding a smooth, rich and aromatic coffee in pretty much a minute it makes for not only an ideal, but a highly enjoyable quwafee. The retail price of these range, but the standard is around £29.99; more expensive than a filter or drip coffee but I’d say definitely worth the extra pennies.

The final morning-brew-mechanism that I’m going to touch upon is the Bialetti Moka Express. This bad boy is UBER easy to clean, allows you to alter the strength simply and produces what I like to call ‘Italian tasting’ coffee; rich, dark and dreamy.

the%20classic%20espressoI’ve been listening to this playlist recently in order to start off the day in the best way:

How do you like your coffee in the mornin’? With a kiss?



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