A thick blanket of fog coats the ground this morning as I sit here with my tea (almond milk, no sugar), reading the Sunday paper’s unsettling story about the death of the eight year old boy and a woman when a bus drove into a supermarket.

The dog has been walked by my dad and I, even though the time is not yet 9:00am and the temperature is lingering low around the 3 degrees mark. We had an amazing chat about everything important and unimportant; Halloween plans, brandy, school, our admiration for the glassy cobwebs that clung to hedgerows.

unnamed unnamed3

My nan and grandad are down to visit this weekend so we’ve arrived home to the smell of a full-English wafting through the house. Being a vegan and having already eaten breakfast, this doesn’t make my mouth water but rather make me grab for the febreeze, however it’s nice to sit with my family around the dining table, see their smiling faces and appreciate how lucky I am to be laden with all their love.

That Bob Dylan vinyl that I bought last week is echoing throughout the house now before we shortly head off to Burford to browse the Christmas decorations as requested by nan. I have work later, a meeting with a new chum at a quaint, local tea shop and the kind weather man has informed me that Mr. Sunshine is expected to make an appearance soon enough so the day looks promising indeed!

I hope you have a beautiful Sunday!


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