In case you were unaware, I study English Literature at A2 currently and hope to do English Lit w/Creative Writing at university next year. Being an English student automatically means that I spend a lot of time writing essays about a huge range of characters, themes, language blah blah blah; some of which I thoroughly enjoy writing and some that make even myself want to snooze when reading.

Recently we’ve been studying Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, a firm favourite of mine even since the days of Barbie dolls and Harry Potter Lego (what feels like) many moons ago. I’m fortunate enough to have a mother who adores novels with heavy female protagonists, a strong theme of love and often set in the Georgian/Victorian period. This umbrellas the likes of Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, Persuasion and Pride and Prejudice too meaning that I grew up watching the films frequently, re-reading the novels and constantly pining after my own Captain Wentworth rather than Prince Charming.

Last week we were presented by our teacher with the question “How does Austen present the relationship between Mr and Mrs Bennett in Pride and Prejudice?” which I loved writing so much, hence why I’m sharing my answer with you now. If you’re not interested in this sort of stuff then I’m forever sorry! However, if you (hopefully) are; enjoy and feel free to leave any comments – constructive critique is always well-received:

Austens presentation of MR+MRS B’s relationship 17.09


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