Autumn is by far my favourite season which is odd as it’s the season where we’re all launched back to school/work and become bombarded with essays and we slowly feel the stress on our backs accumulate. On top of this you have the continuous countdown to Christmas which, although exciting, during Autumn still feels miles away leaving me feel somewhat exhausted. Not to mention the appalling array of Saturday night TV which continues to conquer the newsfeed of every single social media site I’m apart of. (AN: I’m delaying visiting my Grandparents this time of year as Strictly and X-Factor are obsessively switched between on Saturdays and Sundays!)

For these reasons alone, with the additional change in weather and the loss of the blue skies and birds chirping in morning (which admittedly, I love) should mean that Autumn is ultimately the crappiest time of the year. Yet, despite this  I have learnt to love it and here’s my top ten reasons why you should to:

  • It’s OK to drink cups of tea upon tea upon coffee upon coffee all day long 24/7 as the weather turns. (This also includes being able to buy every single flavour of limited edition tea that repeats itself every year without justification!)
  • HALLOWEEN. I love Halloween. I don’t go trick or treating, or even dress up really but I do carvwoodse a pumpkin (never anything out of the ordinary; I’ve mentioned before the lack of an artistic bone in my body!) There’s something rather delightful about digging your hands inside a massive vegetable in order to make a face out of it to scare little children. Halloween also means ‘Sleepy Hollow’ & spooky stories that I’ve collected. This years line up: ‘Dracula,’ ‘Through the Woods’ and ‘Frankenstein.’
  • Soups, stews and chilli’s make a comeback. I have a few new ones in my repertoire  ready for this year to try e.g.  ‘Green Kitchen Stories – Beet Bourguignon’ plus  classics. (Not to blow my own trumpet but I make a mean vegan chilli and chickpea curry!)
  • I get to wear dark clothes, namely black. I already did this in Summer anyway but now I don’t have to feel bad about it. All the cosy knitwear comes back in stores and it’s now deemed acceptable to layer loads and look utterly uncoordinated because it’s cold as fudge outside.
  • SMELLS. Vanilla, cinnamon, fig, gingerbread, cookie dough, Christmas trees, logs burning on the fire…need I say more?

autmn post

  • Films, books and music all make their release as we approach the season of gift giving and I’ve been sat patiently waiting, crossing my legs in anticipation for their arrival into my hands and onto my shelf.
  • Traditions. My family have quite a fair few ‘traditions’ that we don’t purposely carry out; it just happens! As dark days seep in and the climate feels uninhabitable the wood-burn fire comes out of hibernation, the stockpot comes down from the shelf , the carry on films climb down from their home on rainy days and we spend many evenings together watching ‘Band of Brothers;’ a family favourite. In addition the twinkly lights get turned on alongside the sound of Sinatra which echo’s throughout the house.
  • Autumn also brings the changing of leaves from green to more hypnotising orangey, golden and rouge hues that make everything look like that park in that one scene from ‘When Harry Met Sally.’ Pine cones, conquers and the dirty dozen also begin to show their faces after being thoroughly missed. Gotta’ love nature.

untitled carry on

  • No more ‘Beach Body’ advertisements, diets and detoxes are shoved down our throats. Nope, everyone spends their days in their onesies as they shamelessly much on the treats that they’ve been depriving themselves of for too long.
  • Learning to appreciate the little things life has to offer. For example, we have gloves that allow us to use phone screens whilst ensuring that our fingers don’t freeze. BEST. INVENTION. EVER.

There we have it, my top ten reasons that explain my adoration for Autumn and aid me in being able to cope with the shock of school work, brittle weather and trashy television!


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