It’s half ten and for the past few weeks sleep has been a bit of an issue and by that I mean I’ve been running on an average of three and a half hours a night of shut-eye. This has left mean with a constant need for coffee throughout the day and terrible bags that look like caves under my eyes.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done everything I can think of to aid myself in having a good night sleep; herbal teas, new routines, baths, aroma therapies, music, hypnosis, reading…the list goes on unfortunately, yet despite my efforts nothing seems to be working.

So now everyone in my household has retired to bed after watching the rather disappointing ‘The Longest Week’ on NOWTV and I sit on the sofa downstairs having accepted the fact that tonight will probably be like most others; long and monotonous.

have equipped with me my Russian History textbook, a warm cup of green tea and an anti-stress colouring book to see me into the night ahead. I can only hope that my eyelids will soon become weighty and I will drift off into a blissful sleep. I keep my fingers crossed and bid you goodnight with the hope that you dream sweetly and that the bed bugs don’t bite you.


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