Currently I’m reading The Grimm Brother’s Fairy Tales  and let me tell you I’M LOVING IT. I love that this isn’t a ‘one sit wonder’ type of read but a collection of short, interactive and fun fairy tales that you can quickly pick up and read just one of or sit for hours on end diving into new worlds and adventures. Some I have heard of, like Snow White and others I have never so it’s been exciting and interesting to delve deeper into the world of far far away..


Some are a little more sadistic (AN: I’ll be honest I found these the most humorous and enjoyable) than others and involve methods like skinning whilst others are certainly more traditional and ‘child friendly’ ending with the classical and much loved “happily ever after…”

This book is just wonderful and such a nice break from all the Victorian literature I’ve been reading as I prepare for my second year of A-Levels *queue snoring sound.* Please do yourself a favour and pick this up, whether it be for your own nostalgia that knocks you back to your childhood or for a younger one to educate them throughout their own.


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