With the sun shining and in desperate need of a tan (or at least an attempt to attain one) before my family go to Mexico next week, my mum suggested that we have a family day out at Blenheim Palace. As we took the dog along with us we were restricted to the gardens of the palace but that alone was enough as they themselves are huge and well-kept.


Our intentions were to have a small and gentle walk, a picnic followed by a long sunbathe afterwards to ‘wind down’ from our outing. However, mum being mum of course made a wrong turn whilst aiming to guide us with her ‘expertise’ of the grounds and ended us getting us a little lost and soon our afternoon stroll turned into a 6 and something mile walk consistency climbing up and down hills, carrying heavy bags which we had over-loaded with picnic food and an assortment of other unnecessary items.

scenery 2 mum and alex

After what felt like a uber-long time (which it probably was as we’re an indecisive bunch) we sat our selves down by the lake and had our picnic which was très scrummy and I think, well deserpose 3ved. I read my new book which I had started that morning called ‘The Clbookockwork Sparrow’ which although I’m only fifty-odd pages in *touch wood*I am really enjoying. (The pretty cover caught my eye in Waterstones can you tell? I’m like a Magpie and I’m not sorry about it.) I also snapped a quick (and obviously obligatory) selfie that I’m sure will make an appearance on Instagram sometime shortly.

I’m now off to go and watch ‘Inside out’ and enjoy what is left of the sun before it disappears! I’m quite sceptical of  whether or no it will be any good after a hearing range of reviews but I remain hopeful!       Au revoir!


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