This just in; I got glasses. Not only did I  get glasses, but due to the combination of my age, a voucher and a special offer going in Specsavers, they were FREE *que ka-ching noise!* They’re from the brand ‘Replay,’ number 26 which have a slight burgundy frame which I really dig. They’re for reading, driving and basically anything that involves a significant amount of concentration. I will admit however  that I have since adopted to wearing them pretty much all the time as I feel they make me look smarter and I realised I disliked how much smaller things looked without them. I’m wearing them as I type  whilst sat at my desk with my hair in a bun feeling very ‘secretary-esque.’ The picture of them on me below was taken at 7:15am today not five minutes upon awakening so excuse the baby face (I tried to make it look better by putting a filter on it. Did it work? No?!)getting glasses

Today, as the weather was rather disappointingly dreary after a wonderful weekend of warmth, and in an attempt to spend ‘quality time’ with my mum in a ‘productive’ way. I went with my mum to her work to help her move classrooms as she’s recently been made Head of Department for History at her school *applauds.* I packed us lunch boxes and we road-tripped a miniscule forty minutes belting out Shania Twain in the process.

After spending the day laboriously moving heavy boxes, re-organising desks, tearing down posters on The Black Death and making seating plans colour-coded by the ability of students we went to get a coffee (obviously!)

This time round we picked ‘Jaffe and Kneale’ a coffee-shop-meets-book-shop kinda’ scenario which was dead cute! I ordered my usual black Americano (some things never change) and treated mum to a Orange and Pistachio cake which, despite her initial speculation, she adored and I ended up buying her an additional slice to go alongside a slice of Clementine cake that she insisted my would dad like. (AN: I have yet to get a verdict but will be sure you keep you posted.)the cafe bookThe inside was very quaint and the upstairs was uber-cosy looking and embodied a really homely ambience. The whole décor and arrangement of the room upstairs made me feel like I was in in some sort of Austen story and had me day-dreaming I was Elizabeth Bennet awaiting to me my very own Mr Darcy. Unfortunately this did no occur. On a brighter note, after browsing the second-hand book shelves (because I’m currently too poor to spend money on nice and new books) I picked up Penguins ‘Writers at Work’ which,  albeit is something a little different to what I usually go for, but sounds very interesting.

pride n prejbook


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