I have a huge thing for music; much like every other human being on the planet. I thought it’d be fun to come up with regular playlists of songs that I’ve been caught singing to by my friends and family, belting out in the shower and having on replay 24/7 until I can not longer bare to listen to them any longer. My taste isn’t selective and I love a wide range of genres of music so hopefully there’s a lil’ bit of love for everyone. Enjoy!

1. TRACE – Heavy Shoulders                                  2. GOVINDA – Kula Shaker

3. GRIMES – Realiti                                                  4. ALABAMA SHAKES – Always Alright

5. BLUE JUICE – The Reductionist                       6. E.S.G – Bam, Bam Jam

7. THE VACCINES – Somebody Else’s Child       8. MELANIE SAFKA – Look what they’ve done …

9. SLEATER KINNEY – A New Wave                    10. VAUGHAN WILLIAMS – The Lark Ascending


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