On Tuesday with the sun shining and wind blowing I decided to treat my dog (and myself) to a country walk. I googled the directions to a local pub that I remember driving passed several times called ‘The Lamb Inn’ but had never ventured into and after finding out they were a dog-friendly place and located only a mere three and a half mile meander away over the fields, I was off.


Upon arrival we situated ourselves on a nice little picnic bench that, much to my happiness, was situated direccoffeetly in the sun. The pub provided water bowls for the dog so he was a happy-chappy and after ordering myself a coffee which arrived in the loveliest duck-egg blue china mug, I whipped out my pre-prepared picnic which consisted of lots of fresh fruit and whatnot.

After, rather reluctantly I stress, departing we thought it’d be a grand Idea to try our bets at painting some pottery at ‘Daisy Roots,’ another dog-friendly place that was deserted with the exception of us and the owners. I painted attempted to paint a pig in mafia-like clothing after having read George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ the previous day and as I’m also not a very good artist, I thought it might be the easier option; it wasn’t. Thankfully I realised my inability to create anything aesthetically pleasing in primary school so art was not a subject I ever taunted myself with.

hat dog

I’m sure I’ll return to The Lambs Inn as I saw a stone built pizza oven in and an array of homemade chutneys and accompaniments alike out of the corner of my eye. In addition, the coffee was good, the people were lovely and the view just dandy.


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